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Greens stand by candidate after Jacinta Price slur

The Greens have stood by their indigenous candidate after an offensive social media post about an Aboriginal Country Liberal.

Greens candidate George Hanna posted on Facebook early this year a picture of Country Liberal Jacinta Price drinking from a coconut with the caption, “it’s not every day you see a coconut drinking from a coconut.”

Calling someone a “coconut” is considered a racial slur used to accuse dark-skinned people of acting white.

Mr Hanna has apologised but Ms Price wants him to be dumped over the post she’s called “bullying and racial vilification”.

NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham tells Ben Fordham Mr Hanna needs to be stood down.

“The Greens are practising political correctness, they’re setting a standard for themselves that they won’t uphold.

“It’s not about racial integrity… it’s about them basically saying an indigenous woman who supports Australia Day… she can cop whatever’s coming her way because we don’t like her opinion.”

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