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Greens leader taken to task over pill testing claims

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Greens leader Richard Di Natale isn’t backing down from his claim that politicians who don’t introduce pill testing have blood on their hands.

Five people have died in New South Wales in the past half year, after taking drugs at music festivals.

On Wednesday, Senator Di Natale said Premier Gladys Berijiklian is “too stubborn to put in place a measure that could have kept them alive”.

Speaking with Steve Price, Di Natale says, “young people were going to go to festivals, they were going to take pills and some of them would die”.

“We know from the evidence… that despite what I say, despite what you say, despite what the Premier says… young people will continue to do it.

“We’ve got a measure in place that saves lives.”

But Steve Price tells the senator, “pill testing would not have kept those people alive”.

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Di Natale: “Well, you’re wrong. You’re just simply wrong.”

Steve: “I’m not wrong.”

Di Natale: “You are wrong, Steve.”

But Steve isn’t coping it.

“There’s no evidence that the people who have died have taken contaminated drugs.

“The latest victim, the 19-year-old, she had died from a drug overdose. There is no evidence there was anything in that pill other than what she thought was in it.

“I talked to a toxicologist last week… who said the only true test on a pill will take you at least three days to get a result.”