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Great Barrier Reef Foundation looking for another $400 million…

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Earlier this year, former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull handed the Great Barrier Reef Foundation an unexplainable $444-million handout.

“But it wasn’t Malcolm’s money, it was yours,” says Ben Fordham.

Today, the foundation launched a PR drive claiming it’ll raise up to another $400 million over the next six years by fundraising within the private sector.

Great Barrier Reef Foundation Managing Director Anna Marsden tells Ben they’ll be making the most of the multi-million dollar grant.

“The bottom line is… we been trusted with these funds. We have a responsibility to build it and grow it and turn it into something that’s going to fast-track reef protection in this country.

“I think individuals, taxpayers want to see a dollar turn into two, possibly even three.”

Ms Marsden says “the Great Barrier Reef is the cause of our time” and she’s hoping to “turn this from a story of bad news into a story of hope”.

But over the past 18 years, the foundation has only managed to raise $52.8 million, and it’s left Ben questioning how they plan to raise the half a billion in additional funds in six years.

The foundation’s boss wasn’t forthcoming with the details, saying only, “well, we’ve got a strategy that outlines that”.

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Ben also spoke with Labor Senator Kristina Keneally who is still perplexed by the whole situation.

“I still haven’t heard a convincing explanation from either the foundation or the government has to why a fundraising body needs nearly half a billion dollars of public money to carry on fundraising.

“I applaud the foundation if they want to raise up to $400 million for the reef, I just don’t know why they need half a billion of public money to do that.”

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