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Government taking complaints about disgraceful judge

Ray Hadley has taken his campaign for District Court Judge Clive Jeffreys to be removed from the bench to the NSW Attorney-General.

Judge Jeffreys has a long history of disgracefully lenient sentences, particularly when it comes to cases of child sexual assault.

His sentence of Bega paedophile Maurice Van Ryn was so pathetic, it was almost doubled on appeal.

The Court of Criminal appeal labelled it an “affront to the administration of criminal justice” and ordered he be “counselled” by District Court Chief Judge Derek Price.

Now Ray Hadley has unveiled yet another ridiculous decision from Judge Jeffreys, where he gave a suspended sentence to a Lone Wolfe bikie who had been convicted of drug supply and is also facing charges over the alleged assault of his girlfriend.

Ray tells Attorney-General Mark Speakman something must be done about the rogue judge but Mr Speakman passed the buck.

“I don’t run the judiciary, I make recommendations on appointments to the Governor.

“If there are judges misbehaving themselves in terms of honesty or competence then the judicial commission can look at that and ultimately bring it before both houses of Parliament.”

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Image: Channel 7