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Government scraps animal breeding laws after pet owners revolt

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It’s back to the drawing board for the NSW government after draft legislation had law-abiding animal breeders up in arms.

The laws, written up late last year by the Department of Primary Industries, aimed to crack down on puppy factories by restricting the number of female dogs on a property.

Macquarie Radio veterinary expert Dr Rob Zammit expressed his concerns to Ray Hadley, saying regular dog owners and hobby breeders would be unfairly targeted.

Primary Industries Minister Niall Blair listened and tells Ray they’re scrapping the legislation altogether.

“We’ve probably unearthed more issues or unintended consequences than what anyone thought,” Minister Blair tells Ray.

“Common sense is going to prevail here.”

Minsiter Blair says there are plenty of people doing the right thing but the illegal behaviour needs to be stamped out.

“We don’t want to tarnish good people by the actions of those doing the wrong thing.

“But on the flip side, we’ve seen some horrific examples in NSW… organised crime games involved in keeping bitches pregnant year-round.

“The treatment and the conditions that those dogs, in particular, are being kept in were absolutely abhorrent and that’s what we want to get rid of.”

Dr Rob Zammit called in to praise the Minister’s action.

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Government backs down on new laws that could target regular pet owners