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Good Tucker delves under the soil and into the sea

When you think of truffles, luxury and cost often spring to mind.

Well, the delectable product may not be so far out of reach anymore.

Aussie farmers are producing tonnes of truffles every year and it’s pushing the price down.

Co-Owner of Forestway Fresh Pasquale Polistina tells Chris Smith they’ve been selling truffles for 15 years and are now infusing the luxurious item into other goods.

“I think truffle oil is probably the most common. It’s easy to add to dishes.

“It’s not expensive anymore because we can infuse truffle with many other products. At the moment we’ve got truffle honey, truffle mayonnaise.”

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This week’s Good Tucker didn’t just delve under the soil but also dived into Australian seas.

Last week, Chris Smith spoke with some of the biggest barramundi farmers in the country who are pushing for more Aussies to get local seafood on their plate.

Now, Chris is continuing his mission to get Australian fish on the map, speaking to owner of Michelle Grand-Milkovic.

Michelle says our local fish may be a little more expensive but can’t be rivalled.

“What is quite surprising… we actually import over 70% of our seafood.

“The one thing we can all stand by is Australia has the highest standards in the world.”

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