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‘Gladys, where the hell are you?’: Alan Jones slams latest botched project

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Alan Jones is calling for the state’s planning minister to be sacked and the Premier to step in after another botched project.

The $500-million Ritz Carlton hotel at The Star has been blocked by the NSW government with claims the Darling Harbour development would “appear isolated and overly prominent”.

But what doesn’t make any sense is the decision was made after four years of planning – which the government was involved in the entire time – at a cost of $13 million.

The 61-storey, six-star hotel met all the environmental requirements and was the result of an extensive design competition overseen by the government’s chief architect.

Alan Jones questions why this entire process took place if Planning Minister Rob Stokes never wanted a high rise tower in Pyrmont in the first place.

“Unless the Minister is dumb and blind, he was witness to all of this, part of all of this, signed off on all of this and now it’s ready to go, he doesn’t want a tower in Pyrmont.

“Four years later!

“The Star has spent $13 million and they’ve been told by the same Minister, rack off, you never had a chance anyway.

“I’m sorry, Rob Stokes, any Minister so delinquent in his role should be sacked.

“And I’m sorry Gladys, where the hell are you?”

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