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Giant snake on the loose in Sydney expected to die soon

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A huge boa constrictor is still at large in western Sydney after its freshly-shed skin was found at Silverdale.

The snake, which could be up to three metres long, has been on the loose since its enormous skin was found wrapped around timber framing on a building site earlier this month.

Boa constrictors are native to Central and South America and are highly trafficked animals, posing a huge risk to Australia’s native species.

It’s feared the reptile – believed to be an escaped pet – could target pets or possibly even small children.

However, Australian Reptile Park Keeper Jake Meney tells Ray Hadley the risk is “fairly negligible”.

“It’s a decent-sized snake, but in saying that in this country carpet pythons get much larger than the skin that’s turned up.”

Keeper Jake also believes the snake will struggle to survive in the Sydney climate.

“Say it’s escaped, it’s probably not going to even last that long to be honest, out on its own.”

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