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Gaming the system?: Students with low ATARs admitted into teaching degrees

NSW universities have been accused of flouting entry requirements for teaching degrees after it was revealed students with ATARs under 50 are being admitted.

The NSW government has introduced rules stipulating high school students must achieve at least 80 per cent in three subjects including English to be admitted to a teaching degree.

But the education minister is furious after it was revealed students with ATARs as low as 49.65 are set to become future teachers.

NSW Shadow Minister for Skills and TAFE Jihad Dib tells Mark Levy it’s a disgrace.

“It flies in the face of attracting the best and the brightest.

“We see the end results of that, we know that we’ve got an issue when it comes to the outcomes of our students.

“I understand obviously that people with certain grades may end up making really fantastic teachers, but we’ve got to start with the first point and what you really need is people who go into teaching who are experts.

“Universities are circumnavigating the system and I think it’s completely wrong because in the long run what we need to do is put our best people in front of our kids.”

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