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Former whistleblower calls out Labor hypocrisy after ABC raids

The ABC’s top executives will meet with the Prime Minister to discuss federal police raids on the national broadcaster.

Scott Morrison will hold talks with chairwoman Ita Buttrose and the managing director this afternoon while protests are planned outside Communications Minister’s office.

The raids have prompted Labor to call for a review of press freedom protections.

But former whistleblower Allan Kessing says the promise is hypocritical.

He was convicted after exposing Australian Customs corruption at Sydney Airport back in 2002.

Mr Kessing tells Alan Jones the Labor Party never followed through on its promise of support.

“None whatsoever.

“In fact, in the 2007 election Kevin Rudd actually mentioned me by name and promised that there would be reform to the whistleblower laws and a pardon would be considered.

“And neither of which happened.”

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