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Ed Cowan: ‘Fish rot from the head. It’s time there was a change of leadership’

Former Test batsman Ed Cowan has taken aim at Australia’s cricket coach Darren Lehmann, saying it’s time for a change.

Ed tells Ben Fordham he’s seen the “win-at-all-costs” culture first-hand.

“Fish rot from the head and it’s time there was a change of leadership at the top.

“I’ve been in the change room. I’ve played under the coach and I’m sure I’ll be supported by other ex-players.

“It’s a win-at-all-costs attitude and that is what is expected.”

Ed says Steve Smith will bear the brunt of the scandal but coach Lehmann shouldn’t escape unscathed.

“He sits in a hierarchy and there’s someone above him who’s setting the culture of the team. It’s time that that culture changed.

“I think the behaviour of the team in the last 18 months, maybe even longer, has not been fitting of the cap they wear.

“If Cricket Australia don’t step in then I think they’re going to lose the public.”

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