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Alan Jones: ‘The careers of people like Steve Smith are most probably ruined’

Image: Fox Sports

Alan Jones has condemned the Australian Test cricket team over the ball-tampering scandal.

The Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust Director has called the incident and Cricket Australia’s handling of it, a disgrace.

“Given that no one quite knows what exactly happened, who contrived this, who sorted it out. Nothing could have been done about them yesterday in my opinion.

“What Cricket Australia should have done yesterday is get into immediate contact with South African cricket and say ‘we are advising you we are forfeiting this game and withdrawing our team from the game’.

“That would have sent a message to the world that Australia was fair dinkum, doesn’t condone this sort of stuff.

“There is a very big tragedy here and that is that the careers of people like Steven Smith are most probably ruined.

“Where’s Lehman in this? If a leadership team has met at lunchtime and the coach is not part of a meeting to determine a “strategy”, then the coach may as well not be there.

“Or is he just there to have a drink, or a lot of drinks?”

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