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Former Prime Minister phones the open line over ‘extraordinary double standard’

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Former Labor leader Mark Latham says a university’s acceptance of millions of dollars to fund an Arab and Islamic Centre, while pulling support for a course on Western civilization, is a crisis. 

ANU has accepted up to $2 million each from the governments of Dubai, Iran and Turkey to fund its Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies.

However, the university has withdrawn plans to establish a course in Western civilization with the Ramsey Centre, claiming “academic autonomy.”

Alan Jones says this is the totalitarian ideology of infiltration which represents an enormous danger to society.

He’s joined by Mark Latham who says ANU’s senior management doesn’t believe in Western civilization.

“This is a fundamental crisis in higher education. Our university administrators are not going to support the foundations of our society.

“They are initiating radical programs of political indoctrination and reform on their students that are designed to cause… creeping revolution.”

Latham wants the Federal government to de-fund universities that don’t support freedom of speech and Western society.

“These ministers and Prime Ministers are asleep at the wheel, they have no comprehension of the gravity of the situation.”

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After hearing Mark Latham’s chat with Alan, former Prime Minister Tony Abbott called in.

Mr Abbott slammed the, “extraordinary double standard from the ANU.”

He has this message for the current government,

“It can’t just be business as usual for these institutions when they are so far departing from what is common sense.”

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