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Former NRL player confronts dumped rugby league journalist Josh Massoud

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Former rugby league journalist Josh Massoud has reappeared, five months after resigning in disgrace from Channel Seven.

In May, Ray Hadley exclusively revealed the incident which led to the journalist’s demise.

Massoud was accused of making graphic threats to kill a Channel Seven colleague, based in regional Queensland.

He reportedly threatened to “slit” the 21-year-old’s throat and “shit down his neck” after the cadet breached an embargo on one of Massoud’s stories.

Massoud hired legal representation and was allowed to resign after being confronted with his appalling behaviour.

At the time, Ray Hadley opened up on his long and bitter feud with the rugby league journalist, describing him as the worst person he’s met in the media and “universally disliked”.

“I’ve encountered a lot of ordinary people in the media over a long period of time, dating back to 1981… Massoud, in my opinion, is without doubt the worst.”

Well, it seems as though Massoud’s past is catching up with him.

Former NRL player Darcy Lussick spotted Massoud recently in his new job as an ice cream van salesman.

The confrontation was filmed and posted on an Instagram account believed to be owned by Lussick, before later being deleted.

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