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Former League star James Maloney thought about coming home during COVID-19

Former NRL star James Maloney started his first year at the Dragon Catalans in the Super League, but is now in the middle of lockdown in France.

A new announcement overnight has France going into another month of lockdown but there are plans in place to get the Super League back up and running in June or July.

Maloney tells Mark Levy he thought about coming back to Australia during the early stages of the virus spreading.

“When we thought about it, if you went back home you had to go into quarantine for two weeks, and we’ve got four kids.

“It’s a hard one, you know, obviously for us, it’d be nice to go back home but then I think with the announcement last night, I think they also said borders to non-European countries are closed indefinitely, so I don’t even know where that would leave you in terms of coming back once it was all over.”

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