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Former ASADA boss says Swimming Australia should have come clean on drug scandal

Former ASADA boss Richard Ings says a wider code would have allowed Swimming Australia to notify the public of the Shayna Jack drug scandal.

Aussie swimmer Shayna Jack has been under an ASADA investigation after having tested positive to a banned substance.

She mysteriously left the FINA World Championships in South Korea, just days before it began, and maintains she doesn’t know how she ingested the drug.

The results of her drug test came in days before Mack Horton staged his protest against convicted drug cheat Sun Yang.

Swimming Australia has been accused of keeping the news secret but CEO Leigh Russell says they weren’t allowed to go public with the information before ASADA or Shayna Jack did.

But Former ASADA boss Richard Ings tells Ben Fordham he is unsure why ASADA would impose the ruling forbidding Swimming Australia from speaking.

“The wider code gives sports flexibility to make public announcements, by keeping it secret it just made the matter worse as it dragged on.

“My understanding is that ASADA has imposed this confidential requirement on sports.

“I don’t know why ASADA would do that. The World Anti-Doping Agency makes no such mandatory requirement.”

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Image: Getty/ Delly Carr