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Fond farewell: Last Qantas Boeing 747 jumbo jet takes to the skies for the final time

The last Qantas Boeing 747 jumbo jet will take to the skies today for the final time for a farewell tour, with a special send-off from former flight attendants.

Known as the “Queen of the Skies”, the Boeing 747 is being retired in favour of newer models.

Former Qantas flight attendant, Ken Warburton, told Deborah Knight they’ve organised a “special wake” at the Opera House to bid the old workhorse a fond farewell.

Mr Warburton, along with other former flight attendants, donned retro uniforms and waited patiently for the flyover of the well-loved Australian aircraft.

“We’re standing here … waiting for the big Queen of the Skies to come and visit us,” he said.

Asked how he felt stepping onto the 747 for the first time, he was emphatic.

“I thought all my Christmases had come at once,” he said.

“The 747 jumbo aircraft was the best aircraft that has ever been built.”

The switchboard lit up with 2GB listeners wanting to share their stories and memories of the beloved Boeing 747.

QF7474 will fly over Sydney today.

Caller Max recounted how on a flight from Singapore to Sydney he saw Halley’s Comet, thanks to the pilot.

“That was sensational – it was so clear,” he said.

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Image: FlightAware