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First activists charged under new ‘Right to Farm’ laws


Two activists have become the first to be charged under new laws designed to protect our farmers.

The ‘Right to Farm’ legislation was introduced after a raft of incidents last year, where vegan protestors stormed onto farms, chained themselves to equipment and stole animals.

The raids began after a map was published showing the location and details of every farm in Australia.

The laws, passed late in 2018, mean activists face fines of up to $22,000 or three years in jail.

Minister for Agriculture Adam Marshall has revealed two people have been arrested after repeatedly storming a farm at night, dressed in camouflage and balaclavas.

“This farmer was so worried about illegal trespass activity that he had hired a private security company in the lead up to the midnight invasion,” says Minister Marshall.

“This is exactly the type of disgusting behaviour that the Right to Farm laws were designed to capture. It is abhorrent that farmers simply going about their business of providing our food continue to be subject to this brazen behaviour.

“These people clearly had no intention of engaging in lawful peaceful protest – sneaking onto a farm in the dark dressed like a thug.”

Both individuals have been charged with aggravated unlawful entry on inclosed lands.