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‘Fires aren’t far from my own home’: Pauline Hanson faces property evacuation

Karl Stefanovic
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As bushfires continue to rage across NSW and Queensland, One Nation leader, Pauline Hanson may be one of many families facing evacuation.

Ms Hanson is faced with a potential hurried flight home to prepare her property for evacuation due to the bushfire danger in her area.

“The fires aren’t far from my own home, they’re in my backyard,” Pauline tells Karl Stefanovic.

“It’s extremely dry at home… it doesn’t take long for a fire to take hold and it’ll rip through the whole area there.”

Off the back of the devastating fires across the states, Greens Leader Richard Di Natale and climate change spokesman Adam Bandt continue to politicise the issue by linking it to climate change.

“It makes me sick to my stomach,” says Ms Hanson.

“It’s a political football to further their own case and it makes me sick.

“These greenies… what they say on the floor of parliament is over the top.

“To put lives and property, and pets, and animals at risk… for what?

“All the problems that we have now at the moment, it’s all because of government policies and bad management.”

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Ms Hanson’s heart goes out to all the Australian Farmers and is furious about the lack of political leadership around our water resources and dams.

“They’ve sold us down the drain,” she tells Karl.

“And do I sound angry…You bet I am!

“I feel this all the time when I travel out west, when I see a dairy farmer…” says a passionate Pauline Hanson as she holds back tears.

“Look you have to keep fighting. You have to be a voice… because no one else is,” Karl tells her.

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Karl Stefanovic