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Find a winner!

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BlueBet’s Duncan McRae, Mark ‘Piggy’ Riddell and Jimmy Bartel join Ray Hadley to give the odds and tips for all of the weekend’s sport.

Last week, Piggy miraculously tipped the winner of the Melbourne Cup.

But Ray Hadley smells a rat.

“Jimmy Bartel, I was told that about three weeks ago you tipped the winner of the Melbourne Cup to Piggy on their program but then you changed course!”

Jimmy confirms that is, in fact, true and believes Piggy pinched his tip!

“Why didn’t you say that ‘Jimmy told me Vow and Declare could win’ before you tipped it? Because I remember last Tuesday I did let you go first,” Ray says.

“Well, Ray I couldn’t even remember Jimmy tipping it to me!” Piggy defends.

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