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Feminist Germaine Greer under fire over ‘vile’ rape remarks

Outspoken feminist Germaine Greer has sensationally dismissed the violence of rape and linked most cases of the horrific crime to “bad sex”.

Greer made the remarks while speaking at an arts festival in the UK and now she’s facing a fiery backlash.

“We are told it’s one of the most violent crimes in the world. Bull****,” she said.

“Most rape is just lazy, just careless, just insensitive.”

But it doesn’t end there.

The feminist figure and writer, who was herself a victim of rape at 18-years-old, suggested the punishment some rapists receive should be reduced to “200 hours of community service”.

Chris Smith is slamming her comments as some of the “most appalling and disgusting, vile things that have ever come out of her mouth”.

“She’s made a career out of being a fierce feminist, fighting for women’s rights and now she’s almost mocking rape victims.

“It’s dangerous stuff. It’s insensitive to those who’ve gone through a violent rape.

“I think the microphone needs to be taken away from her. It’s the sort of message that Germaine Greer, as a younger person, would have been up in arms about.”

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Image: Hay Festival Twitter