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Politicians go head-to-head in first question time of the year

Members of Parliament are back in the nation’s capital for the first sitting week of 2018. 

The latest Newspoll shows the government has gained popularity over the break, but still trails Labor by two points.

With the gloves off and the pollies back in action, they’ve traded blows on everything from the citizenship fiasco to tax cuts.

2GB Political Reporter Michael Pachi joins Ben Fordham to give the highlights.

“This dual citizenship fiasco is continuing to go on.”

Michael tells Ben there are calls to look into Queensland Labor MP Susan Lamb.

“They’re saying she should be referred to the High Court because she’s sitting in parliament as a dual British citizen.

“She’s refusing to go, Labor’s refusing to do anything about it.”

Michael also comments on the coalition’s 26th consecutive Newspoll loss.

“We’re edging closer to those 30 polls that Malcolm Turnbull set as the benchmark for replacing Tony Abbott back in 2015.

“Malcolm Turnbull’s personal popularity is up, he has a 14-point lead over Bill Shorten as preferred Prime Minister.”

Listen to all the highlights below