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Father of boy killed by drug driver pleads for tougher laws

Following the horrific road toll on Australian roads, Mark Levy was shocked to receive emails and calls from listeners admitting to driving with drugs in their system.

Brendan Saul, aged nine, was killed in 2004 by a teenager riding his motorbike while under the influence of drugs.

Since the tragic incident, his father Kevin has actively campaigned for reform of drug driver legislation.

He speaks with Mark on why there needs to be stricter rules implemented to detect and deter drug drivers.

“We actually need magistrates with the balls to implement the laws that are already there.”

Drug charges against the teenager were thrown out because the magistrate ruled at the point of impact there were no credible witnesses to prove the driver was driving in a dangerous manner.

Kevin says under old laws, there was a two-hour limit to conduct drug tests and the opposing legal team “made sure the police couldn’t question him for those two hours.”

“The law is skewed very much in the defendant’s way. There are no rights for the victims.”

Through his campaigning, Kevin established Brendan’s Law which makes the act of a hit and run a criminal offence.

It holds drivers accountable for knowingly hitting a victim, making it one of the few laws where a driver needs to prove innocence.

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