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Eyewitness to weekend’s shocking jet ski incident says men involved ‘were off their tree’

An eyewitness to a shocking incident in Sydney’s south at the weekend tells Ray Hadley those involved “were off their head”.

A female paramedic and a police officer who reported to the scene were allegedly spat at, while another officer was hit in the face.

Listener Phillip was there when the two 20-year-old men were arrested following reports the pair had been threatening locals at the Lugarno Marina on Sunday.

He says the men were acting reckless, “doing doughnuts in amongst all the boats” on their jet skis.

“These guys were off their heads on something,” he tells Ray.

Phillip says they then got off their jet skis before abusing members of the Marina outside a local restaurant.

“When the police finally arrested them, you could clearly see they were affected by drugs.

“They were off their tree.”

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Phillip, a jet ski owner himself, tells Ray the issue isn’t about jet skis, it’s “a social issue”.

“I have been intimidated in one instance… I was sitting on the back of my jet ski having a fish.

“There were four Middle Eastern guys come up on the jet ski and said to me, ‘What are you doing on this river, this is our turf’.”

When Phillip threatened to call the police on the men, he says “they high-tailed it”.

He says police in the area just “need the resources”.

“They don’t need to ban them, just get the resources and the police out there.”