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EXCLUSIVE | Terrorists tear-gassed at Goulburn’s supermax prison

Some of Australia’s most radicalised terrorists are believed to have been among the prisoners tear-gassed by officers at Goulburn’s High Risk Management Correctional Centre last week.

Ray Hadley revealed on-air 31 inmates housed in the unit refused to return to their cells on Friday afternoon.

“They were apparently incensed a guard had allegedly caused one of the inmates to drop their Quran on the ground,” he said.

“This 46-bed part of the jail holds extremists and terrorists both accused and convicted of the most serious terrorism offences.”

Corrective Services NSW confirmed the incident in a statement to the program.

“Officers from our Security Operations Group and Goulburn Correctional Complex safely and securely managed an incident at the High Risk Management Correctional Centre on Friday August 21 in which 31 inmates were refusing to obey directions.

“The inmates, who were all securely contained in their individual yards, were refusing to leave their yards for the day’s lock-in.

“Chemical munitions were deployed and force was used on 19 of the inmates.

“All 31 inmates were then safely secured in their cells.”

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Image: Nine News