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Exclusive | Guard at juvenile justice centre has blood spat in face by a high-risk offender

A guard at a juvenile centre in Sydney’s west has had blood spat in his face by a high-risk offender.

Two other officers were bitten and punched by the same inmate at Cobham Juvenile Justice Centre last night.

Staff had a stop-work meeting this morning and are seeking a meeting with management to urgently address ongoing safety issues.

The incident is particularly distressing for the guard because of the risk of transfer of Hepatitis, which can take up to several months to detect.

In a statement (see full statement below) to Macquarie Radio, Juvenile Justice says “neither of the staff required immediate medical attention”.

Public Service Association (PSA) General Secretary Stewart Little tells John Stanley that’s a lie.

“I’m somewhat astonished that management has turned around and said that these officers haven’t required any sort of medical attention.

“That’s just rubbish. This is disgusting offensive behaviour”.

Mr Little says well-behaved inmates are being negatively influenced by the constant assaults and the PSA is “demanding action”.

“These ones who probably have some hope are now being influenced by the bad ones, on top of people being radicalised because there is a complete failure by the government.”

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See full Juvenile Justice statement below

“Juvenile Justice is investigating an incident at Cobham Juvenile Justice Centre yesterday evening where a detainee spat at and bit two Youth Officers.

Juvenile Justice is providing ongoing support for the staff involved and is conducting a review of the incident.

Neither of the staff required immediate medical attention.”

NSW Juvenile Justice Acting Executive Director Steven Southgate says he “can’t confirm the nature of the incident”.

“Our staff do an absolutely excellent job under very challenging circumstances.”

He says there are open discussions with the PSA.

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