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EXCLUSIVE | Eyewitness describes violent hospital waiting room incident

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An eyewitness has told Ray Hadley about a dramatic incident at Westmead Hospital on Monday.

A man and woman were visiting a relative at the Emergency Department when the man began intimidating staff.

A senior female staff member made it clear his behaviour was unacceptable and directed him to return to the waiting room.

That’s when witnesses say the man snapped and allegedly threatened to kill the staff member.

Fortunately, three police were nearby but what ensued “was a disgrace,” says Ray.

“A violent struggle, two security, three police and two doctors to subdue this raving lunatic.”

It was at this point, the man’s wife got involved and allegedly began throwing punches at a doctor.

A supervisor at the hospital reportedly told the staff member involved to “get back to work and forget it happened”.

NSW Police have provided a statement (see below) saying, “charges are expected to be laid”.

Ray will be following up to make sure that’s the case.

“If they haven’t been charged, the question I’ll be asking the police commissioner is, why not?”

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Police have provided the following statement:

At about 4pm yesterday, police from Parramatta Police Area Command were at Westmead Hospital for another matter.

Medical staff asked police for urgent assistance in regards to a man allegedly being aggressive to staff in the Emergency Department.

Officers spoke to the man and scuffle took place when the man allegedly refused to leave.

The man was arrested and taken outside the hospital. His details were obtained and the man was directed to leave to which he complied.

Investigations are continuing (including into the wife’s alleged behaviour).

Charges are expected to be laid