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EXCLUSIVE: Consultancy fees for new stadiums

The government has refuted claims it has spent $11 million on consultants. 

Rebuilding ANZ and Allianz Stadiums will cost $2.5 billion, and the Minister for Sport denies there is anything on top of that.

Stuart Ayres tells Ben Fordham the money in question is not new taxpayer money.

Mr Ayres says the money came from existing funds, consolidated revenue, and the NRL.

But Ben says it’s all a waste of money.

“We’ve got the second-slowest ambulance response times in the country, and 100,000 children in demountable classrooms, and 1,700 severely disabled people who are having care funding cut off.

“Can we look after those things before we knock down and rebuild two stadiums at a cost of $2.5 billion?”

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