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Aussie Olympian takes a stand against transgender athletes at Tokyo 2020

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With less than six months to go until Tokyo 2020, the Olympic Games are under threat from all angles.

The coronavirus outbreak is threatening to move or maybe even postpone the Games due to public health risks.

And, as Olympic qualifiers continue, it’s been revealed there will be a record number of transgender athletes competing. There are particular concerns about whether athletes who were born as men have an unfair advantage in the women’s category.

Three-time Australian Olympian Tamsyn Lewis has spoken out against transgender athletes being allowed to compete in the women’s category, arguing it compromises the integrity of elite results.

The former track runner tells Ben Fordham, “people are scared to come out and say anything because of political correctness”.

“This is an issue that’s a really difficult issue. Not even the IOC can come to the proper guidelines,” says the three-time Commonwealth Games gold medallist.

“It is politically charged and it’s a sensitive topic [but] if we don’t make a stand, what’s going to happen to that female category of sport?”

Ben Fordham agrees and says it’s not about discriminating, it’s about supporting women’s sports.

“That is the great fear here. It’s not about discouraging transgender athletes, it’s about encouraging female athletes.”

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‘It really concerns me’: Top Aussie runner speaks out against transgender athlete

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