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Environment Minister refuses to cull deadly bats

NSW Environment Minister Gabrielle Upton is refusing to do anything about deadly swarms of bats taking over Sydney and other cities around Australia.

The native flying foxes nest in their hundreds of thousands across highly populated suburban areas.

The animals are protected by Commonwealth and state legislation, preventing the colonies from being removed or even disturbed.

In 2013, eight-year-old Cairns boy Lincoln Flynn died after contracting the lyssavirus from a bat scratch and yet still state governments do nothing.

Alan Jones spoke with NSW Environment Minister Gabrielle Upton about the issue, predicting her response before the interview even begun.

“Rarely do I do an interview with absolutely no expectation of success and I must confess that’s the attitude I bring to this next issue.

“In fact, I’m a bit mystified as to why the poor Minister concerned is actually speaking to me.”

Ms Upton acted exactly as expected.

“Alan, they can’t be culled, they’re protected under Commonwealth and state law.

“Some of the things that we can do to stop them landing and establishing colonies in places they shouldn’t be, are using noise, light sprinklers.”

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