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Energy Minister can’t guarantee a blackout-free summer

Michael McLaren

Energy Minister Angus Taylor says there’s “no guarantee” we’ll see a summer free of blackouts.

States across the country are set to swelter as the new year approaches.

The mercury will hit 40 degrees in Adelaide today and Sydney is expected see similar temperatures on Friday.

The hotter temperatures will see demand for power increase, with many families turning on fans and air conditioning to keep cool.

It’s sparked concerns we could see blackouts, as the network struggles to cope.

Energy Minister Angus Taylor tells Michael McLaren he can’t guarantee we won’t see blackouts this summer.

“There’s never a guarantee.

“We were in a much better position a few years back where we had lots of supply in the system.

“It’s much tighter now. There is no guarantee.

“The market operator has done an enormous  amount of work this summer to put us in a position where I think we’ve got our very best chance.”

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