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Emerging group of problem gamblers alarms researchers

Australians are among the world’s most problem gamblers, with punters burning through $24 billion worth of losses last year alone.

Our national gambling losses stand at $1,000 per person, the highest rate in the world.

But a new study is shining the spotlight on a particular group of Aussies who’re gambling at alarming rates.

Deakin University’s Associate Professor Samantha Thomas tells Chris Smith the focus of their study shifted from young men when they started doing interviews.

“We found some pretty shocking results.”

64% of young women aged 16-34 have placed a bet, had a go on the pokies and gambled at a casino, and they’re betting more than they can afford to lose.

Ms Thomas says the advertising of gambling products is part of the problem.

“The one thing we think we need to address pretty quickly is the amount of marketing we see for these products.”

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