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Embattled Labor MP Emma Husar caught spreading lies about Ray Hadley


Embattled Labor MP Emma Husar has taken personal leave amid bullying allegations and now Ray Hadley has been dragged into her mess.

The federal member for Lindsay has been accused of intimidating staff and directing them to look after her children and clean up after the family dog.

She’s also been accused of using a taxpayer-funded Commonwealth car to visit her divorce lawyer.

The alleged misconduct is being investigated, but now Ray Hadley has been caught up in the MPs behaviour.

An emailer tells Ray he went on a date with Ms Husar in 2011.

She reportedly told a story about Ray, saying he directed her to hold his BlackBerry at a charity function he was hosting.

“No man orders me around. I told him in no uncertain terms I wasn’t his lackey, he could hold it himself,” Ms Husar reportedly told her bemused date.

Well, Ray has called out the lie in spectacular fashion.

“Emma, there are a few problems with the lie you told this bloke you were on a date with.

“I’ve never owned a BlackBerry, I wouldn’t know how a BlackBerry worked.

“And one of the things I do when I MC, is I keep my phone in my hip pocket because sometimes private messages come in and I don’t want people seeing them by leaving them in the company of someone like you.”

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The emailer recalls seeing Ms Husar several weeks after the date, at a function held exclusively for police.

He says Ms Husar repeatedly claimed to be with the Police Integrity Commission before eventually being told to move along by a senior officer.

“Look, I’ll say to Bill Shorten, what I’ve said to David Elliott,” Ray says.

“If you nurse a mug, he or she will die in your arms. Emma Husar is your mug.

“Putting it in simple terms, Bill, she’s as mad as a cut snake. And if you continue association with her, you’ll be guilty by association.”