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Embarrassing image proves children should be learning, not protesting


Feature image: Getty Images

This is the photo that proves children should be in school, rather than on the streets protesting.

After thousands of students ditched class in November, a second ‘day of action’ for climate change is planned for March 15.

However federal Education Minister Dan Tehan claims professional activists are actually the ones orchestrating student strikes.

This photo has emerged from the last lot of rallies and shows why our kids need to focus on learning rather than protesting.

Image: Getty Images

One sign reads, “Scott Morrison you’re so full of sh*t the toilet is jelous [sic].”

That should be “jealous”, with an ‘a’, says Ray Hadley.

Another says, “Act now before they dissappear [sic].”

“Perhaps those young ladies would be better served spending time in a classroom,” says Ray.

“Particularly an English classroom, where they can learn to spell”.

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NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes tells Ben Fordham the protests are clearly being organised by activists.

“Well, it’s against the law,” he says.

“Kids are required to go to school.

“It’s insulting to teachers, it’s insulting to schools and it’s frankly insulting to taxpayers to think that it’s okay to just take a day off,” Mr Stokes says.

“I think the timing, a week before the state election, comes as no coincidence.”

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