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Dutton rejects claims he’s feuding with Julie Bishop

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton is rejecting claims he’s being undermined by Foreign Minister Julie Bishop over the need to expand the powers of cyber spies.

The Australian Signals Directorate doesn’t currently focus on monitoring Australian citizens, but Mr Dutton says it needs to be an option.

The Foreign Minister says there’s no need to enhance changes to the current security system.

Speaking with Ray Hadley, he says “there is no difference between us”.

“People are adding two and two together here and getting something different than four.”

Mr Dutton also rejects suggestions he intended to collect data or spy on Australians, labelling it “complete nonsense”.

“I’m very serious, for example, on ramping up our efforts to expose child exploitation to make sure we can stamp that out.

“In the modern world where you’ve got people who are conveying images, including images of sexual acts against children, in live streaming on the internet, we’ve got to deal with that.”

The Home Affairs Minister says there are no changes locked in, but there are options.

“There’s no proposal on the table but we are looking at ways we can deal with that threat.”

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