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Drug drivers outnumber drink drivers on NSW roads

Drug drivers are being caught at a higher rate on NSW roads than drink drivers, according to shocking new figures.

One Nation MP Rod Roberts uncovered data that showed drug drivers were involved in 24 per cent of all fatalities on NSW roads in 2019.

Meth users accounted for 60 per cent of illicit drug drivers.

One in 14 drivers subjected to a roadside mobile drug test tested positive for either methamphetamine, MDMA, cocaine or THC (cannabis).

Roadside testing was paused in mid-March due to the pandemic but when it restarted 785 drivers were charged in June for drug driving, 20 more than the same period last year.

MP Rod Roberts told Ben Fordham drug driving is now a bigger problem than drink driving.

“I think the police need to better target their resources because clearly drugs are the issue more so than alcohol.”

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