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‘Don’t ever say that Peter, you’re a man of truth’: Ray Hadley calls out Peter Dutton in fiery interview

Ray Hadley has called out Peter Dutton in a heated interview on the government’s energy policy.

Last week one of the nation’s highest energy users, Tomago Aluminium, was forced to partially shut down in order to save the New South Wales grid from blacking out.

Asked why Australia isn’t investing in high efficiency, low emissions (HELE) coal-fired power plants, Mr Dutton claims the government doesn’t pay to build new energy infrastructure.

Peter Dutton: “We want electricity at an affordable price, we don’t want the lights to go out, we want business to succeed but the government’s not going to get into building coal-fired power stations, the same as we’re not getting into wind farms or solar panels.

Ray Hadley: “Don’t ever say that Peter, you’re a man of truth, of course you’re getting into it.

“You fall over yourselves every day to give them as much… there’s one going at Brewongle.

Peter Dutton: “The government doesn’t own that wind farm, it doesn’t own a solar plant.”

Ray Hadley: “No, you’re the benefactor, you’re the Father Christmas giving them the money to do it. Be the benefactor for a bloody coal-fired power station Minister.

“At the moment the only difference between you and Labor is your policy on border protection.”

Minister Dutton hinted there will be action to save the Liddell plant in the near future.

“In terms of Alinta and AGL stuff at the moment, I think you’ll see some action there pretty quickly.”

The Home Affairs Minister also commented on a government plan to expand English tests for migrants wanting to become permanent residents to include spouses and children.

Currently, primary applicants must pass a conversational English test, before being accepted as permanent residents.

New data shows that by 2021 more than one million people living in Australia could have little or no English skills.

Minister Dutton says the issue must be dealt with.

“It’s a commonsense move and I think most people would support it, so hopefully the senators are listening to that message.

“We’re not going to allow enclaves like we’ve seen in Europe and the United Kingdom now.”

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