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‘Don’t cry me your tears’: Rita Panahi slams fresh plea to bring IS brides home

The Australian family members of Islamic State fighters have made another desperate plea to be brought back to Australia.

More than 60 Australian women and children are living in the vast al-Hawl camp in Syria for relatives of Islamic State members.

New audio obtained by the ABC relays the desperate plea for help from an Australian woman living in the camp.

“Until now Australia hasn’t done anything for us… don’t let us fall into the hands of the regime, please,” the young mother sobs.

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But Rita Panahi was not convinced.

“It’s easy to listen to that audio and feel sympathy for someone who’s obviously desperate or scared,” Rita said.

“But these are not innocent victims… these women left the safety of Australia, turned their backs on this country and joined a blood-thirsty terrorist group.

“Please don’t cry me your tears now after things went sour and the caliphate was lost.

“The children are innocent, but the people who chose to go there I have zero sympathy for.”

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Image: Getty/Giuseppe Cacace