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Do you follow any of these wacky superstitions? 

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Superstitions. We all know a few, but do we actually believe them?

Chris Smith is the proud owner of a man bag, but when he went to put it on the ground the other day, his producer Harnsle yelled at him to stop!

According to her, placing a bag on the ground means you’ll go broke.

It prompted Chris to ask what other ridiculous superstitions do people follow?

“It’s a minefield how people live through these weird parameters of superstition!”

Did you know walking in dog droppings is considered good luck in Paris?

But one particular superstition has One Iron questioning if they’re worth following at all.

One morning when he got out of his car a seagull did its business on him, then he got hit again 10 metres down the road!

“Is that double the luck?” he asks.

“Because I got to tell you, I didn’t have a good day that day!”

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Young listener Paul tells Chris about a strange superstition in Greek culture.

He says if you walk over someone’s legs, you’ll stop growing and it can only be reversed if the same person steps over in the opposite direction.

“My parents and my grandparents, they taught it to me from a baby, and I was the dumb one that believed it!”

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