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Do not read this story

Comedian and radio legend Andy Lee has issued a challenge to children everywhere.

It’s simple… Definitely Do Not Open This Book.

That’s the name of the latest instalment in his ‘Do Not Open This Book’ children’s book series which has sold more than a million copies around the world.

He tells Mark Levy the book is a “psych test on your child”.

“You can see whether they’re going to be obedient or not.

“Because you’ve got every page asking you not to turn the next page and some kids are frightened to turn the next page, others are just gung-ho about it.

“The ones that are gung-ho about it, keep a lock on their doors well into their late teens I think.”

The radio funnyman has also just returned from a bucket list adventure around the world which left Mark and listeners unbelievably jealous.

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