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‘Ditch the identity politics’: Mark Latham says we’re on track for a ‘national disaster’

NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham says we’re on track for a “national disaster” if we don’t overhaul the school curriculum.

Mr Latham has unveiled a new policy, with his sights set on reforming the school syllabus and going back to basics.

He tells Alan Jones curriculum repair in the state is urgent and “left-wing political minority interests” have taken hold.

“I’ve put out a policy to take the system back to the core of learning and to ditch the identity politics, the post-modernism, the political fads that have been introduced into the curriculum.

“There’s only two things we’re expecting from the education system, that’s academic attainment and vocational skill development.

“It shouldn’t be too hard to focus on those core objectives.

“Otherwise, as students come through the system over the next 10 to15 years, we’re going to find this is a public scandal of the first order and, quite frankly, a national disaster.”

Mr Latham identified the number one issue he believes is destroying our schools.

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