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Disqualified driver shame: Thousands get behind the wheel despite suspension

New figures have revealed a staggering number of disqualified drivers continue to get behind the wheel and put lives at risk.

From October 2016 to September last year 20,166 disqualified drivers were busted on the roads, 30% of those were repeat offenders.

And they’re just the ones who were caught.

Kevin Saul is one man advocating for change after his nine-year-old son Brendan was fatally struck in a hit-and-run in 2004.

Kevin tells Ben Fordham there needs to be a crackdown and suspended drivers should be jailed for their disqualification period if they’re caught reoffending.

“It’s pretty straightforward really.

“If you’re banned for driving for three years and after three months you get back in the car… you go and finish those last two years and nine months in jail because you shouldn’t have been driving.

“If we’re going to put someone behind the wheel of a car who shouldn’t be there in the first place… there goes another Brendan. It’s not right.”

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