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Dirty nappy thrown at ambulance windscreen during emergency

Paramedics are disgusted and shocked at a motorist on the M5 who threw a dirty nappy at the windscreen of an ambulance.

Two female NSW Ambulance paramedics, one of whom has over 22 years experience, were transporting a seriously ill patient from Bowral Hospital to Liverpool hospital last night under lights and sirens for urgent life-saving treatment.

As they approached the Picton Road exit on the M5, a car refused to get out of the way.

When the emergency vehicle finally overtook, the paramedics felt a thud hit the passenger side of the ambulance.

It was a nappy filled with faeces.

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NSW Ambulance Inspector Stephanie Radnidge tells Ben Fordham three words come to mind.

“Disgusted, outraged and outright disgraceful.

“The smell through the vents of the car was almost instantaneous.”

She says once the ambulance overtook the vehicle, “the focus at that point is a seriously ill patient, getting that person off the freeway”.

Ms Radnidge says when the driver of the ambulance felt the thud, it was not known at that point what it was, and the decision was made to keep driving in order to transport the patient as quickly a possible.

Unfortunately, the number plate of the vehicle was unable to be obtained and Ms Radnidge is pleading for anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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