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Did Australia’s booze-soaked Ashes celebrations go too far?

Australia has wrapped up a 4 – nil win over England in The Ashes and boy did they celebrate. 

The world was shown images of the Australian players drenching each other and Channel Nine commentator Mark Taylor in beer and champagne in the dressing rooms afterwards.

Steve Price believes the alcohol-laden celebrations sent the wrong message to the public watching on.

“I thought the access given to Mark Taylor, the Channel Nine camera in there, I think it was a little over the top the celebrations, the amount of alcohol that was being sprayed around.

“Now look I’m not a wowser at all, in any sense of the word, but I watched 20-year-old Cameron Bancroft have a beer poured over his baggy green cap as he was being interviewed.”

Steve asked former Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke his thoughts on the matter.

“Look I hear what you’re saying. For a new player, I guess it’s christening his baggy green cap by pouring some beer over that cap.

“Normally when you win a World Cup or an Ashes series there’s always been the Channel Nine cameras come in for five or 10 minutes and we as players think rightio this is a great opportunity to get back at whichever commentator comes in and we’re gonna make sure we put some champagne or beer all over him.

“I’m sure it was all done in fun and gest and look I think you definitely need to celebrate your milestones and for this current Australian team, yesterday was one of those milestones that they really deserved to enjoy and celebrate.”

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Image: Channel Nine