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Dick Smith: Population spike will destroy the Australia we know

As our population continues to boom, more politicians are coming out in support of controlling immigration.

This morning, NSW Labor leader Luke Foley told 2GB current rates aren’t sustainable and are congesting our major cities.

Australia’s national immigration intake stands at around 190,000 people a year, with over 1,000 people migrating to Sydney every week.

Prominent businessman Dick Smith has been calling for a cap on population growth for years, telling Ben Fordham current rates will ruin the Australia we know today.

“Our growth rate [at] 1.6% per year… will take us to 100 million people in Australia.

“We’re going to destroy Australia as we know it today.”

He says the party which adopts a population policy will win the next election.

“You can either put Tony Abbott back or you can get Malcolm to have a brain change and say eight out of 10 want a population plan.”

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Ben also speaks with Andrew Bolt and Graham Richardson who comment on how immigration rates will affect the community.

“Two-thirds of that growth will be from people who don’t have cultural roots in this country,” says Andrew.

“And that’s got to have an impact on… nationalism, respect for our history, all sorts of things… the place of girls in our society.”

“No one has actually asked people, are you okay with this?”

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