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Desperate mum reunited with the quick-thinking hero who saved her baby

A desperate mother has finally been reunited with the hero who saved her baby.

Three weeks ago, Shonnie O’Neill was breastfeeding her newborn baby Peyton on a Sydney train when trouble struck.

The little bub suddenly stopped breathing and started turning blue.

A hero emerged after hearing calls for help, taking baby Peyton and performing CPR for 20 minutes until paramedics arrived.

Shonnie never got the chance to identify the stranger who saved her baby girl, and went on a mission to find her.

The two have finally been reunited after Amelia Ivers has been named as the saviour.

“The thought that went through my head was, ‘I am not the best person for this but I’m better than nobody,'” Amelia tells Ben Fordham.

“When a baby’s turning blue you really don’t have very much time.”

Amelia says when she first saw the baby, she thought the newborn was already gone.

“I did think the baby had died,” she says.

“The baby started moving as I was doing the CPR and I wasn’t expecting her to, so best surprised I’ve ever had.”

Shonnie was also on the line, and thanked Amelia for saving her daughter.

“If it wasn’t for Amelia, Peyton would not be here,” the relieved mum says.

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