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‘Deal with it’: Prisoners complain about jail food, lack of colouring pencils

Australian prisoners are taking action over poor jail conditions, claiming their treatment is too harsh.

One inmate is suing Queensland Corrective Services and Queensland Health for their alleged failure to provide him with a low fibre diet.

Michael John Hoogendoorn is currently serving 10 years for dousing his friend in kerosene and setting him alight for no reason.

He’s now suing the state for allegedly failing to provide him with a low fibre diet, which would have helped treat his colitis (inflammation of the colon).

Chris Smith was aghast at the news.

“Perhaps he should’ve thought about the impact of a prison diet before he set his mate on fire. What a waste of government time, court time and resources.”

Another inmate, a convicted jihadi who was involved in Australia’s biggest terrorism plot, has also complained his life in jail is too hard.

Bradley Umar Sariff Baladjam, who is currently serving 14 years in Goulburn Supermax, says he’s being treated more harshly than his co-accused. 

He says they were allowed access to more materials such as colouring pencils, painting materials, books and magazines.

But Chris has had enough of the complaints.

“You do the crime, you do the time and you deal with it.”

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