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Data mistakes spell more problems for controversial My Health Record

42 data issues have been recorded within the controversial My Health Record system.

17 individuals have had another person’s medical details entered into their records.

In other cases, the records of two patients were reportedly viewed by fraudsters and one child had the incorrect parent assigned to their record.

Chief Medical Adviser for the Australian Digital Health Agency, Doctor Meredith Makeham, tells John Stanley the issues are rare and are rectified quickly.

“Don’t forget there are over six million records out there. We’re talking about 17 instances of this happening, it’s very, very rare but as soon as we discover it, it’s immediately rectified.

“None of these have resulted in any person’s medical information being used incorrectly or any harm coming to anyone.

“They’re all immediately corrected, the people involved are told immediately.”

Although the errors appear to be data breaches, Ms Makeham says it’s due to human processing mistakes.

Australians still have until January 31 to opt-out of the My Health Record System.

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You now have longer to opt-out of My Health Record