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‘Dangerous, deranged or deluded’?: Muslim preacher slammed over sex comments

A Muslim preacher is being slammed across the board after he suggested wives who refuse to sleep with their husbands are committing a “major sin” and will be “cursed” by angels.

Fundamentalist Sunni, Nassim Abdi, made the comments at a mosque in western Sydney on Friday.

“If the husband calls the wife to be intimate and there’s no legitimate reason for the woman to say no, then she must answer the call of her husband,” he said.

“If not, she has committed a major sin.”

He even went as far as to say the women who refuse sex from their husbands will be cursed by angels.

Ben Fordham is condemning the preacher’s comments.

“I don’t know whether this bloke is dangerous, deranged or deluded.

“He might be all of the above.”

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