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Cybersecurity experts debunk COVIDSafe app surveillance claims

Independent cyber security advisors have given the government’s COVIDSafe app the green light, assuring the Australian public their privacy will remain intact.

Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre CEO Rachael Falk heads a team of independent assessors who spent the last week advising the government of glitches and bugs in the app.

“People are, and rightly so, suspicious, so I really wanted the Cyber Security CRC to play its role in doing independent assurance,” she told Deborah Knight.

The app’s data is protected even from other government departments and organisations, Ms Falk said.

“I need to be really clear about this – this … above all else, is a public health app. It is not a surveillance app.

“It can’t track your location.”

A majority of the app’s source code will be released to the public this week, a decision commended by Ms Falk as “a step forward for transparency with government”, allowing the technical community to engage and give feedback.

“[It] allows those of us who are more geeky to get out and unpick it.

“It’s great for public integrity and trust.”

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Image: COVIDSafe app